Carlos Omar de Leon Shorts: ‘KAL – The Clown’ & ‘Killer Date’

We are Indie Horror just got a look at two short films from writer and director Carlos Omar de Leon, titled KAL – The Clown (which you might have seen on the Crypt TV Facebook) and Killer Date, both from 2016.

In the first short film, KAL – The Clown, a woman (Noelle Hanson) receives a mysterious package in the middle of the night. If that wasn’t weird enough, inside the box: a marionette clown. After the woman dismisses the clown, stuffs it back in the box, and sets it aside, weird things begin to happen… yeah, there’s more weirdness than a mere clown in box. Now, remember that the woman places the clown in the box and sets it aside because the next time we see the clown its cowering in the corner of her living room sans box. This also not the only time the motionless clown appears strewn about the floor of her apartment. KAL – The Clown, a 2 and a half minute short, is told entirely without dialogue, and is a fun little exercise in atmosphere. This one will definitely creep you out and hopefully teach you never to receive packages at your doorstep in the dead of night. And if you hate clowns, this one will be a total nightmare for you.

Killer Date is about an online blogger (Jonnie Stapleton) who takes advantage of his online dating skills, on a new app, to lure women, not for monogamous relationships, but for sexual purposes. He’s a pro, and he knows all the tricks of the trade, and his next catch is just arriving at the coffee shop where he blogs and brags on his laptop. Abby (Desire Jansen) is meek and awkward, but don’t let that deceiving appearance fool you like it has Mike, our esteemed blogger. As the title implies things do in fact take a killer turn. Part cautionary tale, and part feminist indictment of the rampant male libido, Killer Date, is a timely and relevant film in the age of connectivity.

Carlos Omar de Leon has yet to make a feature film, but has racked up an impressive filmography of four short films. Based on Killer Date and KAL – The Clown, director de Leon is a promising star on the rise. His films have a polished look and look better than most feature length films. There is a sense of high production value in his films, and are shot with confidence and proficiency. Keep an eye out for his name, as I’m sure this talented filmmaker has more in store in the year’s to come.

Check out KAL – The Clown on the Crypt TV Facebook page