Sevé Schelenz’s ‘Peelers’ Is The Gore Fest It Promises And More

Director  Sevé Schelenz has had us waiting in constant anticipation since his last film Skew back in 2011 comes his latest work, Peelers.

Starring Wren Walker, Caz Odin Darko and Madison J. LoosPeelers is a bloody, grimy gore fest of the highest order, with more heart than you’d dare expect with just the right amounts of sex and violence, which is ultimately what brings us here, isn’t it?

Peelers follows the story of former baseball player and current strip club owner Blue Jean Douglas who decides she’s had enough of them both and plans to leave town once her club is officially closed. All is going according to plan until suddenly, a large group of coal miners appear in town and bring with them a strange and deadly disease. This viral contaminant threatens to destroy everything not just in Blue Jean’s life but in the lives of many others, so she sets out to do what she can to bring an end the carnage before it’s too late.

To put it simply, Peelers is the best kind of gore fest. Action packed from beginning to end the last thing you’ll want to do is stop watching. Written by Lisa DeVita, it’s a surprisingly clever film with a script and dialogue that flow well despite the odd mashup of characters and themes, i.e. ex-baseball player turned strip club owner, Hispanic coal miner, and excitable high-end Asian chef just to name a few. Thankfully despite the film’s copious amounts of violence it never feels self-indulgent or cheap, and each life taken has at least some effect on you.

Peelers will be available released on VOD On Demand by Uncork’d Entertainment on March 28th.