REVIEW: “The Neon Dead” Is A Wild Flashback To 80’s Horror

REVIEW: “The Neon Dead” Is A Wild Flashback To 80’s Horror

Back in early September We Are Indie Horror received news on an indie film from visual effects artist Torey HassThe Neon Dead. Not to be confused with The Neon Demon, the The Neon Dead is a blast to watch shows some real potential for all involved within the film.

For those unaware the official synopsis is as follows:

An unemployed college graduate hires two paranormal exterminators to combat a monster infestation in her new home. But their prodding into an evil out of their depth unleashes an ancient demon. He and his army of monsters quickly overrun the home, intent on possessing every human they make contact with.

Very quickly into the film, the tone is set. When Allison walks into her bathroom, she sees her first instance of  the undead and from that moment you realize what kind of ride you are in for. These are not your typical zombies. The creatures have a neon glow with bright red eyes. A creative take on the creature. Although they keep calling them zombies, the paranormal investigator quickly changes that perception. The monsters, which are done in a way that is incredibly reminiscent of Evil Dead, stand out. Their look, feel, and movement are clear a visual effects artist was at the helm.

The Neon Dead is Torey Hass‘s directorial debut and for a first feature she did a phenomenal job. From the camera choices to the lighting, the film stands out as a unique visual fest.With harsh colorful lighting across the board, the film could easily sit along side the look of Susperia.  The choices made for the story and character were perfect for the tone set for the film. What The Neon Dead shows is a fun and successful future for Hass and her crew.

Not only did the creatures and look of the movie feel like a flashback to the 80’s, the music clicked in that realm as well. Using synth and single instrument riffs stood out for a perfect companion to the campy and throwback vibe created within The Neon DeadQueyen Tran is responsible for the world created by the music and sound.

Overall We Are Indie Horror highly recommends The Neon Dead if you are looking for a good time that takes you back to a time when horror was done in a lighter tone. Imagine Shaun Of The Dead meets Evil Dead with a stylistic and colorful flare to it and you get The Neon Dead.

The Neon Dead is available on DVD now through Amazon or you can watch instantly on AmazonPrime. Click the links below and check it out while you can.