‘Friday the 13th: The Final Crapter’ is Jason Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

What does Jason Voorhees do at home when he’s not out murdering teenagers? And is it possible for him to have a bad day? Maybe we have come to misunderstand Mr. Voorhees all these decades, or at least that is what the short film Friday the 13th: The Final Crapter posits.

But before you get too excited, The Final Crapter is a short fan film, and as its title implies, a lampoon/homage on the iconic Jason Voorhees. The short film is a loving homage to the original series more than it is an emulation of its grim and bloody predecessors. So, if you were expecting a bloody fan film celebrating the slasher, sorry folks, this one takes Jason into a whole other direction.

The fan film begins with two young women in a forest, as these type of films tend to begin, but what initially starts off as a killer’s stalk and chase, soon turns into something out of the silent era, like the slapstick of the Keystone cops. As it turns out Mr. Voorhees is quite the comedic lead. At one point he stamps around in a puddle trying to get poop off his boots and before that he takes a break from chasing the women from the opening sequence to take a piss. As his day’s hunt fails to yield a body count, Jason can only hope that things will turn around when he heads home for a little evening of TV entertainment and a nice warm bed.

Friday the 13th: The Final Crapter aims to paint the horror icon, Jason Voorhees, in a comedic light counter to the silent and dehumanized sadistic killer from the 80s. The filmmakers take their comedic approach deeper by portraying Mrs. Voorhees as a thorn that torments the mind of Jason. All Jason wants is a decent nights sleep without the curmudgeon specter of his mother looming over his conscious. In all, The Final Crapter, is a fan film for fans to enjoy playing the Voorhees against type in outlandishly comical moments. Check it out for yourself below.

Friday the 13th: The Final Crapter is a Cycloptyc Production and is produced by Hector De La Rosa (also director) & Gayle Bykowicz. It stars Pamela Sutch, Monica Hayes, Jeff Swisher, Janice Kerr LaFlam, Hector De La Rosa