Review: “Border Patrol” Short Mixes Mystery, Suspense, and Skill

Out in the woods, isolated miles away from the rest of civilization, lies an outpost guarded by two men. Against an army possessing insatiable bloodlust, they have to protect themselves armed with only binoculars and a rifle. Border Patrol has mystery and suspense coupled with some great cinematic shots. Dee McCullay is a Canadian filmmaker with a magnificent sense of the macabre. McCullay is an ambitious go-getter; directing, producing, writing and editing his films himself and with considerable expertise.

The story, which was written by Andy Van Scoyoc, tells the tale of a forest canopy which hides what lurks underneath, and in this case, it’s droves of people longing to take back what they once had. The three and a half minute film places the audience in the middle of the daily routine of this remote fortress’s Border Patrol. It’s never quite stated who the legions they’re fighting against are but implies they are the living dead. The film boasts impressive aerial shots of the forest as well as powerful close-ups.

McCullay’s biography states how before he decided to pursue film, being a funeral home director was just as much a possibility, verifying his intrigue of the grim and ghastly that shines through his work. His other film, Fallaciousis a fierce thriller of a murderous trick or treater further exhibiting his passion for the dark and frightful.

Border Patrol portrays a glimpse of a truly bleak future with humanity pushed into distant corners of the Earth bunkered down in fear, fighting for survival. Eliciting our primal fear of the unknown, exploring the decisive us-vs-them mentality, and touching on our desire for the gruesome and morbid; Border Patrolencompasses a multitude of topics in such a short and compact story.

Being an indie filmmaker is impressive, working tirelessly by the sweat of your own brow and pulling up your own bootstraps. McCullay is even more impressive for the fact that he does so much of the work himself and taking on the responsibility of multiple positions, and delivering a high-quality product is especially outstanding. This ambitious filmmaker is on the rise, and very little will stop his momentum.