Trailers From Hell Brings “Nightmare Before Christmas” Commentary by Axelle Carolyn

“Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems, in a place that perhaps you have seen in your dreams.” Thus begins one of the finest Christmas / Halloween films ever. Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, directed by Henry Selik, is a film that everyone can identify with. We have all had it on repeat at one point or another, it is truly an exceptional film. Recently actor, writer, director, and producer Axelle Carolyn lent her commentary for the film’s trailer on Trailers From Hell

Trailers From Hell comes from the mind of horror legend Joe DanteJoe has gathered some of his friends to provide commentaries for trailers of popular films, many of which are horror. Guest commentators includes John Landis, Rick Baker, Darren Lynn Bousman, Lloyd Kaufman, Guillermo del Toro, and Eli Roth. They provide excellent, informative commentary about the films, going into their rich histories and some interesting facts about the films.

Axelle herself is coming off a great year of production, having produced and directed Tales of Halloween, which received high marks. Trailers From Hell has several great trailers including the 1977 Japanese film HousuSuspiria, and The Howling

Since we are in the spirit of Christmas, we’ll leave you with our good friend Jack as he discovers a wonderful new world.