Cody Ward’s Directorial Debut With “Prey For Us”

Is it a vampire? Is it a werewolf? Maybe it is a mix of both? All that matters is an awesome monster is the center of Director Cody Ward debut short film Prey For Us.

Prey For Us was written by Benjamin Talley and Cody Ward, and stars Nicole Cummins, Jon Enge, PJ Evans, Graham Rich, and David Zuckerman. It tells the following story:

Laura and her friends were out on camping trip when they are abducted by hillbillies in the woods. Though it appears the hillbillies have ulterior motives for capturing these teens

Pack with intense moments, this four minute short does not skimp on the action. Within the first twenty seconds, a man gets his face smashed into a bear trap. With spot on coloring and interesting camera angles, Cody Ward’s debut is exceptional. The budget may be a mystery, but it is apparent the money was spent wisely. One the biggest challenges in independent and debut films is the sound, and Prey For Us handles sound like a pro. Cody was supported with a talented cast and crew for his debut. Shining stars are the Director of Photography Nicholas Somera  who utilizes the camera to really show the intensity and Nicole Cummins who gives a stellar performance.

The short does a great job of leaving the audience wanting more. An interesting and illusive story keeps the audience on their toes and always guessing. Without giving away spoilers, the audience is left wondering did she do it and what actually happened? Small hints are dropped throughout the short but each hint blurs with the last one leaving the audience in disarray. Overall this is a wonderful short and for only four minutes, definitely worth the watch.

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