Jennifer Nangle Drops A New Trailer For “Demonic Attachment” and “The Traveler”

Jennifer Nangle Drops A New Trailer For “Demonic Attachment” and “The Traveler”

Jennifer Nangle has been a friend to We Are Indie Horror ever since her first appearance on It Came From Candi’s Lab! a few months back. On her episode she discussed her newest film which was in production at the time, called Demonic Attachment. Earlier today saw the exclusive trailer pop up for her 2016 feature.

Demonic Attachment is directed by Matt Aaron Krinsky and stars Jennifer NangleJennifer FaracDyana Liu, and Rhobye Wyatt. The story follows Jennifer Ryan (Nangle) as she slowly sickens from a mysterious ailment. When all the doctors tests come back negative, Jennifer must face the haunting truth about her past.

This film is based on Jennifer Nangle‘s true story. Jennifer lived most of her young life in an actual haunted house! The spirits which had followed her as a child are the ones which inspired her to write this film, making it a very chilling retelling of her personal story. In fact, the picture at the top of this article is NOT a promo shot for the film, it is an ACTUAL picture of Jennifer as a child. The dark figure behind the screen is supposedly an actual spirit, living proof of the severity of her haunting past. Demonic Attachment is currently making it’s way through the festivals being submitted for many and already accepted to a few. As for a full release, the details are scarce but you can stay up to date by clicking the links below.

If you think we are done with Jennifer just yet, you are dead wrong! Along with the Demonic Attachment trailer release, she dropped the first trailer for her thriller film she co-wrote and directed with Jul Kohler titled The Traveler

The Traveler is a project put together by the Los Angeles Filmmaker Group whose mission statement states “With Movie Industry Heads, Casting Directors, and Production Companies turning to the web for future content and talent, we are joining the online community to the best of our abilities and sharing our creative gifts. We are a group of Los Angeles actors, writers, and directors who aim at putting out original content to the masses.”

This group includes fellow WAIH member Richard Trejo, whose work will be featured in the upcoming weeks. Trejo acted as Director of Photography for The Traveler and has been a personal friend of Jennifer‘s for some time now. 

If you haven’t heard of the Los Angeles Filmmaking Group, we highly suggest you head over to their website and check them out. They are constantly working on new projects and filling the internet with new material. They are always looking for new talent to bring in to help out.