Scary Endings “He’s Right Behind You” Stars A Familiar Face

It is no secret that We Are Indie Horror loves everything that the web series Scary Endings creates. Hence why today, we are even more excited to bring you episode 6 of the popular YouTube series which tells a short horror story every month. Not only an exercise in creativity but an incredibly talented team is behind every episode.

The month of December brings a familiar situation and two familiar faces. He’s Right Behind You stars FearMaker and WAIH friend Camilla Jackson and Scary Endings regular Ryan Dillion. Written and Directed by Skypemare‘s John FitzpatrickHe’s Right Behind You brings on a classic situation of girl home alone at night… or is she? Check out the two and half minute short below and then be sure to read on for discussion.

Creating a horror short a month is no easy task. Creating one horror short a year even takes time, dedication, preparation, and most of all finances. The team at whereistherockhammer are churning out a new horror short a month, and each one is of great quality and is generally terrifying. The key is simple premise with great execution.

A girl home alone at night and someone inside her home is a classic tale of horror. The situation is also relatable. We all have been home and heard the random noise making us believe we are not alone. Although a classic tale, Fitzpatrick brings a real and unique element to the story. The use of the cell phone and text message to taunt the lonely woman is a tool to establish connections between the character and the audience. Although her phone running out of battery is cliche, within the context of this short it makes sense. It is night time, so presumably she pulled her phone off the charger in the morning, she has been chatting with her partner for what we assume to be quite a while and then uses it for a flashlight. The phone would run out of battery.

A cinematic note to take is the lighting. After the power strikes, it is dark and it truly feels that way. The use of dim blue lighting and shadows create unease for the audience. Especially with a name such as He’s Right Behind You, every corner is set up to create tension. Fitzpatrick does a great job in moving the camera in such a way that feels almost voyeuristic as if we, the audience, is the He that is behind you.

A well done short with a simple premise can go a long way in showcasing multiple talents within the writer, director, cinematographer and actor. It is a pleasure to see such talent come together to create something to share with the entire world. Scary Endings continues to power on and create a new short every month. We Are Indie Horror cannot wait to see the next one and what other familiar faces may pop back up.

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