New Trailer For Luke White’s ‘Blood Money’

With just under a month until it’s release date of March 3rd, the team behind the new art theft suspense thriller Blood Money have released one more trailer giving a deeper look into the film’s story. We’ve talked about this film a couple times now, including a review, and it always gets more interesting with every new press release.

Blood Money follows a group of young and attractive art thieves, who hide out in a chateau in France after a botched heist. Things get out of hand when the dead body of a man goes missing from the trunk of their getaway car. Now they must fight not only for their freedom but for their lives.

The new trailer gives a little more of the story without any real spoilers. Just enough to get your mouth watering with suspense and thrills. Take a gander at the trailer below, and be sure to preorder Blood Money from iTunes today.