WATCH: “Eater’s” Official Trailer Brings Back Classic Slasher

WATCH: “Eater’s” Official Trailer Brings Back Classic Slasher

As horror fans and lovers, we always complain about how we want the good old days back of slashers like Michael, Jason, and Leatherface. Well this looks like it could be doing just that. Lionsgate is releasing Writer/Director’s Johnny Tabor’s debut Eaters. Story has it the film has been completed and shut away in a vault for five years. Eaters was made on an extremely low budget and is finally getting its chance to please our horror needs.

Official Synopsis goes like this:

It’s the summer of 1974 when five friends embark on an epic road trip, but when one friend disappears at a rest stop, their search brings them face to face with a violent biker gang. After a narrow escape from death, their nightmare goes from bad to spine-chilling when they find themselves being stalked in an abandoned town.

Be sure to look out for this hopeful revival of our favorite genre of horror on October 6th via DVD, Digital HD, and On Demand.

Check out the trailer below.