Mondo has horror-themed sweaters for you!

Brace yourself, Winter is coming. If you want to be ready for the blistering cold of the upcoming season, Mondo has you covered. For only $85, you can get one of these awesome horror-themed sweaters or scarfs which run for $40. This is the perfect attire for those upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas family dinners. Let them know how much you love your genre and which holiday actually matters.

The clothing line is themed after the classics of Nightmare on Elm StHalloween, and Friday the 13th. The sweaters themselves pay a phenomenal homage to the films they take after; for example, the Friday the 13th sweater actually glows in the dark which is a nod to the 1989 NES game. You can check out the sweaters below and be sure to click here to buy one straight from Mondo.