Thursday, Feb 2, 2017
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“The Summoning” Summons Awards


Is it witchcraft? Voodoo? Black Magic? Actually it is none of that. The cast and crew of the The Summoning is full of shear talent. The Summoning is a new independent horror film from Let It Rain productions about isolation and being endlessly pursued by evil. Directed by Curtis Schultz and produced by Wesley Alley, the new lost in the woods film had a great run at the Florida Horror Film Festival this past week.

Curtis Shulz has spoken a lot about this film and how he wants to portray it. He promises to take the audience through the experience of being alone and stranded without technology with the added fear of being hunted. As a hardcore horror fan himself, he is not looking to let the audience down. He says:

The story comes from my passion for horror, but with a realism that won’t make you question the characters decisions. There is nothing I hate more then watching a horror film and saying, “Well, why didn’t he just pick up the knife?” I wrote the film with the intention to keep you guessing till the very end. “The Summoning” is a super natural horror thriller that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

We all know the scenario. Group of friends, car breaks down, and they are lost in the woods with no technology. This has a very interesting twist that really sparks the interest, they are now being hunted… for a satanic ritual. The story looks like this

Ghost Poster_ella_RGBWhen a group of college students find out about “the party of the year” being thrown at a barn outside of town, it seems like a no brainer to go. But on the way they get lost and their car breaks down stranding them in the middle of nowhere. Now the group of friends split up, some wait at the car for help as the others venture into the forest to find the party and get help. After trekking through the forest in search of aid, they discover they’re not alone. Fear sets in as the isolation, disorientation, and sounds of the night start to play tricks their minds. The further they travel the worse things get as they soon stumble upon a dead body and discover they are being hunted by demons of the night. The group is chased through the forest trying to get out, fighting for their lives as they discover they are part of a satanic ceremony.

The film stars Shanna MclaughlinAmy LoCicero, and Brian C. Chenworth. There is also an appearance by horror favorite J. LaRoseThe director, Curtis Shultz comes from an editing and visual effects background while the producer Wesley Alley has an acting and directing background.

Curtis AwardsOver this past weekend The Summoning had a screening at The Florida Horror Film Festival.  Huge congratulations to The Summoning who walked out of Tampa with two awards, Best Actor and the coveted Best Picture. Check out below to see the intense trailer and a few screenshots. And as always, show your support by liking their FACEBOOK and checking out all the cool extras at their WEBSITE. If this film makes it to your town, absolutely check it out and support the hard working independent team at Let It Rain Productions.

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