Feature Film Review

Review: ‘Slasher.com,’ Timely Film with Twisty Third Act

We’ve seen it before– and we’ve also been warned before– yet none of the bad omens found in horror films, those that are supposed to deter us from the perils of technology, ever actually deter us from anything. Although a Tinder-like app is at the center of Slasher.com, the film posits that it’s not so much the tech, but the people behind the screen that are the true monsters. Something like Tinde...[Read More]

Review: ‘The Control Group’

The compelling feature film debut from director Peter Hurd, The Control Group, manages to surprise and entertain through the entirety of its labyrinthine and unique plot. The film opens up with our protagonist Jack (Ross Destiche) sprawled out and dazed across the floor. When he gains some of his senses back it turns out Jack has awoken from his slumber in an insane asylum– and not one any person ...[Read More]

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