Ashley Mary Nunes & Lloyd Kaufman Coming to ‘Safe Place’

Safe Place, the feature film debut from Nicholas Hunt, is set to begin principle photography in February 2017. Nicholas Hunt will serve as the film’s director and co-writer, sharing writing credit with Majeed Hazin

Although Safe Place is not slated for release until fall 2017, in time for Halloween, the film is already gaining steam and growing as it approaches 2017. Despite not shooting until early next year, the legendary Lloyd Kaufman of Troma infamy is set to film a cameo for the film December 2016. The film promises to be a retro callback to old school horror and will feature 100% practical effects. Furthermore, a synth score is planned for the film to match the same retro style that the visual components of the film will bring.

Here is the official synopsis, from Safe Place‘s IMDB page:

“After an unimaginable tragedy, a man trades his life for a secluded existence and crosses paths with six youths in the prime of their lives and vows to save them. Even if it means taking them out of the world one…by…one.”

Besides a Lloyd Kaufman cameo, the film will feature Ashley Mary Nunes (from Todd Nunes’ holiday slasher All Through the House), Tiffany Sefa, John GettierYvelisse CedrezKaty Votapka and many more.

Safe Place will begin shooting in Central Florida next year. Head on over to Nicholas Hunt’s YouTube channel and check out a series of teasers for the upcoming film. To follow all the latest and any further developments on the film visit Safe Place’s Official Facebook Page.

Ashley Mary Nunes in ‘All Through the House’

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