Halloween Anthology Feature ’10/31/16′ Locks In 5 Directors

Halloween Anthology Feature ’10/31/16′ Locks In 5 Directors

Red Letter Entertainment’s newest, and upcoming, film 10/31/16 has just locked its directors for the Halloween themed anthology feature. The list of talented filmmakers includes a pair of Volumes of Blood alumni (10/31/16 is executive produced by VOB creator P.J. StarksJustin M. Seaman The Barn) and John William Holt The Dooms Chapel Horror). In the lineup are also Zane Hershberger Devilution), Brett Dejager Bonejangles), and Rocky Gray in his directorial debut. Rocky Gray is best known as the composer for such films as The Barn and Killing Floor 2, as well as the former drummer behind rock band Evanescence. Gray is a two-time Grammy-winning musician. Jason Turner The Dooms Chapel HorrorVOB: Horror Stories) has joined the project as a writer.

Here is the official description for 10/31/16

“A Halloween treat bag of all the things that go bump in the night. From masked killers to scarecrows, witches and tricksters. There’s a scare for everyone in this anthology of horror and the macabre from the creators of The Barn and Volumes of Blood.”

You can check out the teaser trailer below, which doesn’t show much yet (clocking in under a minute) but establishes the film’s tone, which promises to be dark and intriguing. The teaser begins with a group of friends using an Ouija board, and as we all know, these ventures seldom yield positive results for the users of the enigmatic game. The film recalls such accomplished films like the anthology found footage film V/H/S and its sequels. However, the film’s title hints at an anthology film anchored to the Halloween holiday, which aligns it more closely with titles like, Tales of Halloween and Trick R Treat

There is no release date for the film as of yet. For more information, including future screenings, visit 10/31/16’s Official Facebook and Twitter Page

You can read reviews for both Volumes of Blood and 2017’s upcoming sequel Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories by series creator and executive producer of 10/31/16 P.J. Starks.