“Walking Dead’s” Emma Bell is Scratching Her Way To The Top With Her Directorial Debut.

We’ve often spoken about the transcendental shift from one side of the camera to another. It’s always great to see what an actor can do when they finally spread their wings and attempt directing. Although much desired, directing is hard work, and not for everyone. There are few, however, who manage to not only make the change, but excel at it. This time we’re hoping to say the latter for Walking Dead’s Emma Bell with her directorial debut Scratch

The Walking Dead star has also worked in several other projects, including the series Dallas, popular films such as Frozen and Final Destination 5, and the British film A Quiet Passion playing the role of a young Emily Dickinson. She is now taking the helm of her own ship with Scratch. Penned by Helen Shang (Hannibal), Scratch tells the following story:

“When a repressed 1950’s housewife is left alone by her philandering husband, she makes a horrifying discovery about the noises in the house that are coming from the walls.”

Quite the intriguing plot, we’re excited to see how it turns out. The film will star Australian scream queen Bel Deliá, who starred as Natasha Warner in the viral hit film The Tunnel, which recently surpassed 15 million downloads. Appearing alongside Bel will be seasoned theater actor Camron Robertson.  Scratch takes on a vintage tone with Terry Zumalt at the helm as Director of Photography. The film is produced by Tessa Saville and Bel Deliá

Scratch wrapped production at Nvisionate Studios in Burbank, California earlier this week, and now they begin the extensive post-production work before submitting to festivals. Hard work is the key to success in this business, and that is exactly what these ladies have. Bel Deliá has a knack of getting things done well, and we are thrilled to see what Emma Bell can bring to the table as a director. While there isn’t any current news on release dates, you can keep up to date by following the cast on Twitter, or the films Facebook page, all of which are tagged and linked below.