“The Truth” Challenges The Modern Immersive Theater

Today’s modern world includes short attention spans, ear buds, and cellphones constantly in hand. It is impossible for a millennial to leave their phone off for two hours in the dark which is seeing much frustration in movie theaters but more particularly on the stage. We are in a time where theater is evolving and evolving quickly. It has to. What do artists do to adapt to these changing times in technology? Sitting in the dark and watching a performance on a stage is not enough anymore. The creative team behind the new immersive theater experience titled The Truth adapts to modern day society and uses the streets of Hollywood and your earbuds to tell a story. We Are Indie Horror had the opportunity to check it out during the Los Angeles Fringe Festival and here is our experience without spoilers.

The Truth is a murder mystery set on the streets of Los Angeles. You as an audience participant are a test subject for Dr. Herbert Griffin of Shine Labs, played by the talented LA theater actor Skip Pipo, who believes you have extra sensory abilities and he thinks he figured the key to unlocking those abilities. When you first meet you are guided to a website with playable tracks on it. You have your cellphone in hand and earbuds in store. The music is the key. Certain music triggers those abilities and as you walk the streets of Hollywood you begin to hear people’s thoughts. As the show progresses up and down the streets around The Hudson Theater you also begin to see things that are not suppose to be there. As for how the story unfolds, that is truly up to you. This is not a passive experience and should be treated as such.

 We Are Indie Horror hates spoilers so we will not give anything away but we will say you must check out this innovative show which involves incredible talents throughout the entire Los Angeles theater scene. The Truth is innovative, fun, and quite the adventurous experience which catapults the participant into a surreal world of ESP abilities while being immersed in the streets of Hollywood. Each new character you meet has to improvise their  responses and interactions. People are unpredictable and as far as we saw, the performers played their part well and kept their character going. Usually we’d call out particular performers for their outstanding act but everyone did such a good job that we will list them all here. First and foremost props to Marlee Delia who not only Directed and Produced the show but had a large role in the middle of the show that helps the audience reach some understanding. Already mentioned was Skip Pipo as the doctor who even stayed in character when we met after the show accidentally. Others involved were Stepy KameiBrad Miller, Megan Greenspan, Alexander Exhols, Trish De Luca, Sasha Azovtseva, Taylor Thorne, Roland De Leon, Dylan Little, and Sharon Savene.

The Truth was written by first time playwright Anna Mavromati who also acted as first assistant director. A huge shout out to the sound designer, composer whom without there would be no show. The show is based around what you hear in your head phones and without Kate Kohler that would not have happened. Caitlin Bailey choreographed the show while friend of We Are Indie Horror Russell Eaton was the immersive adviser helping the team time it out so smoothly. Johnnyangel Pineda provided the costume design and Christi Riddle was in charge of props and graphic design.

Every member of the team for The Truth added an element that without, the show would not be the same. This world is currently changing in forms of entertainment and Anna Mavromati and Marlee Delia are a duo to watch out for as they have a grasp on how the theater experience is changing and have attempted and succeeded at a challenging task in the theater world. Immersive theater is here, and it is here to stay. We Are Indie Horror cannot wait to see what comes next from everyone involved and we will be sure to keep you up to date.

You can still catch The Truth as it runs on select dates up until June 25. All performances meet outside the Hudson Lobby Cafe (6541 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90038). Tickets are only $12 and you are supporting the indie arts. The show starts every 20 minutes beginning at 7:40PM and last show at 9:20PM, so plenty of opportunities to catch it. The remaining dates are as follows:  June 16, 17, 19, 22, 24, 25. Follow the links below to purchase tickets and find more information on the show.