COMMUNITY CHECK IN – Jennifer Nangle

Jennifer Nangle , who makes an appearance on It Came From Candi’s Lab this week, has some exciting news from her camp. Her newest short Spirit Board has just launched the first trailer. Check it out below.

As for her short Spirit Board, it was created via a Facebook group that Jennifer started called Los Angeles Filmmakers Group. The purpose of this group is to seek out independent Los Angels Filmmakers and get them working on projects. An interesting fact is she used a few members of the We Are Indie Horror community to help make the short film. Future Fear Maker  Richard Trejo Everybody Dies At Scary-Con) shot the short while  Ryan Bartley from Dan Ast’s L.A. Macabre web series acted along side Jennifer and  Josh McHugh . Spirit Board was shot in one day, edited in less than a week, and color corrected in a day all to meet a very tight festival deadline.

For those unfamiliar with Jennifer Nangle, you need to familiarize yourself right away. She is a passionate, hard working, female filmmaker who is going to take the horror genre by storm. We Are Indie Horror featured her back in April while she was raising funds for her all woman feature Demonic Attachment. This is what she told us back then:

“My love for horror started at a young age. My father introduced me to the genre. He was always watching old flicks like ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Dracula’, but I was never allowed to watch them in fear I would have nightmares. One summer, when I was pretending to be asleep, my father was watching ‘The Gate’. Having an effect on my imagination, I was so petrified that little creatures were going to come through our slider door while I was sleeping at night and crawl all over my face. That feeling of fear has always stuck with me. Later on, when I was a teenager at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, we went through the Alfred Hitchcock show and I was in awe learning how he made movies. Fooling the audience into something that was created. Showing the audience a little something, something when the lead character had no idea. And that ‘Psycho’ tune kept replaying and replaying in my brain. To this day I am still obsessed with horror. Creatures, ghost stories, found footage, bloody guts galore… Whatever I can get my hands on, I will watch and dissect. And if I am lucky, which I always hope I am, I’ll get that feeling of the little hairs standing up on the back of my neck right when the perfect surprise pops up”

Since her feature back in April, Jennifer Nangle has been working tirelessly on completeing her first feature with Demonic Attachment as well as promoting her older short Coat Room As for her future it seems decently bright with a ton of festivals looking at her films. Her plan is get Spirit Boardwhich just saw its final cut over the weekend; into the Tiny Film Festival among other short film festivals in the near future. Demonic Attachment is being eyed by the Hollywood and Vine Film Festival

Please show your support for Jennifer and Spirit Board by liking the Facebook Page Right HERE, because as indie filmmakers we all know that likes mean a lot when trying to get into festivals. Stay tuned to We Are Indie Horror, for all the latest news with Jennifer Nangle and her projects.

Best of luck Jennifer with everything. We look forward to seeing it all.