FEATURED FEARMAKER: Jimmy H aka Mudd the Magnificent

FEATURED FEARMAKER: Jimmy H aka Mudd the Magnificent

While a majority of our Feature FearMakers are filmmakers, we at We Are Indie Horror take pride in showcasing the best of all the facets within our beloved genre. From writers to sculptors, we aim to leave no stone unturned in our search for the greatest in independent horror. This week’s Featured FearMaker is not only an incredible magician / scare actor, but he also happens to be one of the nicest people in the business. From haunted ships to The Magic CastleJimmy H has been working for decades dazzling audiences with his breathtaking magic.

James Holguin aka Jimmy H was born and bred in West Covina, California. His father, a classic monster fanatic, shared his fandom with his son. Growing up in the 80’s-90’s, the horror scene was rampant with excitement, as new and ravishing films were being released regularly. Being an only child, James spent much of his time daydreaming, mostly consisting of werewolves, demons, killer puppets, and chainsaw wielding psychopaths.

At the age of twelve on a family trip to Las Vegas, Jimmy’sfather purchased what would become the first of many professional magic kits. This particular kit included a magic coin set. The incandescent passion which sparked deep inside Jimmy as he learned his first magic trick burned bright and hot, as he formed what would later become a full fledged career. Jimmy would carry a deck of cards to entertain his classmates almost as a daily ritual. His teachers encouraged him, guiding him towards a career as an entertainer.

Jimmy spent his teenage years hanging out at The Magic Shop in La Puente, CA where he began to perfect his craft with the support of great mentors and fellow young magicians. In fact, if one were to google “The Magic Shop La Puente”, the top result just might be The Magic of Jimmy H.  He was eventually honored with the privilege of honing his magic skills at the prestigious and exclusive Academy of Magical Arts, more commonly known as The Magic Castle. in 2001, he was awarded the highest award a young magician can receive, “The AMA Junior Achievement Award” from the Academy and the Magic Castle.

From then on, he became a professional performer, bewildering crowds with his magic. In 2010, a slow month in October would change his career forever.

Having created an excellent career as a magician, Jimmy decided to follow his other dream of working as a scareactor. “Mudd was born out of my love for horror and the haunt industry. He [Mudd] is inspired by such greats as Freddy, Beetlejuice, Lon Chaney, and the King himself Elvis Presley. After the first few years of being a scare actor at the annual Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor in Long Beach, CA, I saw the opportunity of marrying my loves of being a magician and a monster.” Mudd has since taken a character of his own, appearing at several haunt events, including ScareLA and The Hollywood Fringe Festival. This summer you can find him roaming the halls at Midsummer Scream at the Long Beach convention center on July 30th & 31st 2016.

When it  comes to stage presence, Jimmy is a master. He invited We Are Indie Horror to watch one of his shows at the magical mecca, The Magic Castle, and we willingly obliged. While not our first trip to the Castle, every time it is an extraordinary experience. Full of secrets and tricks around every corner, we were enchanted by the Gothic decor and hidden gems, like the Haunted Mansion display, or the fart machine in the bathroom (yes, that really is a thing, and it’s great). Once it came time we headed to The Parlour of Prestigitation to watch Jimmy H perform. After the drinks were ordered and the waitress left the theater, the show began. From start to finish Jimmy H mystified the audience with clever and informative banter along with some truly fascinating magic. He is funny, energetic, and seems to have a approachability to him that makes you instantly trust him, although you know he plans to deceive you. Having seen some truly great magic at the Castle before, Jimmy H‘s show belongs there among the greats.

Whether he’s the comedy magician Jimmh H, or the monster magician Mudd the Magnificent, the passion for his work is vastly evident. While the magic scene is competitive in Southern California, he’s found his way of standing out. “Success doesn’t come to you, you must find it yourself. You have to work to get to where you want to go.”