“Valley Of Ditches” Trailer Chills To The Bone

“Valley Of Ditches” Trailer Chills To The Bone

Be it the “Innocent? Is that supposed to be funny?” speech by Kevin Spacey from  Se7en or Jodi Foster spitting off about how “They were screaming” in Silence Of The Lambs, a solid film monologue can do more than just push the plot along. When a writer pens a long winded statement by a character it allows the actors to showcase their chops while giving the audience something to pay attention and get chilled by. We Are Indie Horror has been sent a trailer for an upcoming film where a monologue is present in the trailer and it is done so well, it already gave us chills.

Chris Lang is bringing his film Valley of Ditches to life. As Director, Co-Writer, and Co-Producer Lang will be bringing his low budget feature film to the Dances With Film festival in Hollywood, California on June 4. Most likely the lowest budget film in the festival, at a total of $35,000, the film promises to be a favorite among fans.

This is the third feature film for Lang. The synopsis for Valley of Ditches is as follows:

Left for dead in an open grave, Emilia struggles to keep both her life and her sanity.

Simple enough, the story seems to be intense and personal. The trailer, you can see below, opens with a chilling monologue and that is what caught our attention. The film stars Amanda Todisco, Russell Bradley Fenton, and Jeremy Sless

You can catch the Dances With Films screening on June 4th at 11:45 PM as part of their midnight screening series. Every filmmaker dreams of having a film show at the Chinese theaters and that dream has become a reality of Lang and Valley of Ditches as that is the theater of choice of Dances With Films. This will be the world premiere for the independently funded horror flick, so be sure to check out the trailer and show your support by following the links below.