Take A Look At These Terrifyingly Cakes From Katherine Dey

Here at We Are Indie Horror we love creativity. Beyond the films and music of horror, there is quite a large world of horror themed merchandise made by intensely creative souls with dark minds. Today we’d like to share one person whose taking something ugly and turning it into something delicious. Her name is Katherine Dey and she makes cakes.

When KatherineDey isn’t busy working as a registered nurse in New York, she can be found in the kitchen making some truly disturbing cakes. Largely based on creating something delicious out of something ugly, Katherine and her cakes have been receiving a lot of coverage from the internet. She talked with Buzzfeed and had this to say:

I am inspired by a lot of things. I love that strange feeling I get when something looks real but it isn’t. Or when a cake doesn’t look particularly appetizing but it is a cake and it tastes delicious. I like to make people feel two conflicting things at once. The subjects I choose are things that have interested me forever, be it anatomy, mushrooms, or portraiture. I love portraiture. Making a portrait of someone helps me to really see them. I love the details.

The hyper-real detail on the cakes really makes for an interesting conflict of interest. While a decapitated pigeon isn’t something you’d ordinarily eat, the fact that it’s cake makes you want to dig right in. Katherine Dey puts an insane amount of work into the details of the cake, to ensure not only a gruesome finish, but a sturdy cake that will not fall apart. Katherine says that no matter how horrific the cake looks, she has yet to see someone refuse to eat it.

While she doesn’t specialize in horror cakes, all her her works contain the same amount of detail and artistry. After an overwhelming response, Katherine is getting ready to make a tutorial video on how she makes her incredible cakes.