“Am I Beautiful” Scary Endings Episode 2.4 Review

“Am I Beautiful” Scary Endings Episode 2.4 Review

After a small hiatus, our favorite monthly web series is back! We know you have heard it before and we know you love it so let’s talk about the latest episode from Scary Endings titled “Am I Beautiful”.

Written and Directed by Scary Endings creator John Fitzpatrick, “Am I Beautiful” is based on the ancient Japanse urban legend, Kuchisake-onna which translates to Slit-mouthed Woman. For those unaware, the story tells of a woman spirit who was brutally mutilated by her husband and now wears a surgical mask to cover the scars. She asks the potential victim one question, “Am I Pretty?” Upon the answer, a certain fate falls upon the victim.

Leave it up to Fitzpatrick and the crew at Scary Endings to not only modernize the tale but up the ante. In this particular story, a couple moves into a new home where the one question you never want to be asked is asked. This is the first time Scary Endings shot their short on an iPhone. As it is becoming a new trend in indie cinema, you could barely tell. The camera was still used effectively and the colors were still bright and vibrant. It truly shows that if you have a cell phone with a video camera, you can shoot a movie.

The truly intriguing piece of this short is who the characters are. You have the guy who automatically comes off as superficial and the girl who clearly has had some physical confidence issues in the past. The purpose of this tall tale was about physical beauty and how others see you. It is just quite the unfortunate ending for those who are understanding and kind.

Scary Endings effectively tells another short tale, shot in a small amount of time. Why the iPhone? Why not? It did not take away from the story and half the time you forget it is a phone they are shooting on. We have come a long way in technology and let’s hope the world has come a long way in outer beauty… well we can hope.

Be sure to check it out on WAIH.TV as it is the featured video of the week for April 17, 2017.