‘Dead Squad’ To Begin Production in Bali, Indonesia

Since it’s inception, We Are Indie Horror has been discovering small, hidden film studios in remote parts of the world. We’ve now received word from Movie Studio Bali, the first film studio in the country, is about to begin key production on their latest film, Dead Squad. The film is the directorial debut of co-writer Dominik Hauser and begins filming in Bali, Indonesia in February.

Dead Squad will star Australian actor Conan Stevens, who has played iconic roles like the Orc King in The Hobbit and The Mountain in Game of Thrones. Orlando Bassi of Movie Studio Bali and Christopher Hatton, producer, and director of Battle of the Damned are producing.

Dead Squad is a campy, splatter-filled, horror adventure that harkens back to classic films of the early 80s. It concerns a group of young people who become lost in the jungle during a river rafting trip and stumble upon a long lost ruin that is home to a host of mysterious monsters.

The film will be a lot of messy, bloody fun.” Says Dead Squad producer Hatton “Dominik has a twisted vision and the creature effects being built by Movie Studio Bali are bringing it to life. Camp horror fans will eat this one up.”

I am thrilled to be working with Dominik and his team. We’re currently constructing the elaborate sets. It is all quite incredible.” Says Bassi

Movie Studio Bali is the first studio in Bali, located between rice fields in the Balinese jungle. That’s right, there’s a film studio in the middle of a jungle that’s currently making horror. The picturesque studio features a full-service team, which includes in-house set design and construction, make-up artists, hair design, wigs, special effects (animatronics, prosthetics, dummies, body parts), as well as visual effects, 3D animation and design, and animated storyboards.

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