Review: “Ghost of Darkness” From David Ryan Keith

From Uncork’d Entertainment and David Ryan KeithGhosts of Darkness follows the story of two paranormal investigators who are unexpectedly thrown together by a nondescript employer in the hopes that they can solve a “potentially” supernatural problem. The two wildly different and opposing personas are then locked in a large creepy mansion along with it’s dark and unsettling past as they are forced to put their differences aside to make it through three nights on the property. But it soon becomes clear that just surviving Richwood Manor is its own challenge.

Aptly titled, Ghosts of Darkness while being wildly entertaining and light-hearted at times, is an eerily dark film, even for the subject matter and genre. To say that the evils in this film are terrifying would be an understatement. Every corridor in the mansion feels like it’s a mile long when one of our dynamic characters walks down them, and you almost can’t help but hold your breath every time they enter a new space.

The imagery and cinematography provided by Director David Ryan Keith combined with the score created by Niall Mathewson, worked in unison to create an unsettling mood throughout allowing the cast performances to truly shine. With the combination of all three aspects, the audience is brought along for wild and fun emotional ride. The interplay between Jack, played by Michael Koltes, and Jonathan, portrayed by Paul Flannery, is especially effective in relieving some of the tension of the situation through humor and banter while also using those characters to make statements about the nature of faith and the importance of forgiveness.

From start to finish Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, and cinematographer, David Ryan Keith created an exceptional film, that is not only polished and well executed but also poignant and terrifying.

Ghosts of Darkness will premiere on digital March 7. For more information check out their FACEBOOK or the WEBSITE by clicking the respective links.