Call “Fear, Inc” For Custom Scares And Excellent Films

Call “Fear, Inc” For Custom Scares And Excellent Films

If there are two things we love here at We Are Indie Horror, it’s haunts and films. There is just something special about being trapped in a location, hunted down by masked characters as you look for your chance of escape. From Halloween Horror Nights to Blackout there is something for everyone. But what if you don’t find any of these haunts and immersive theater companies scary enough? Well that leaves you with two choices. The first is attempting the worlds most extreme haunt, San Diego’s McKamey Manor (which we don’t recommend solely based on it’s borderline masochistic themes) or grab some popcorn and watch Fear, Inc

Written by Luke Barnett and directed by Vincent Masciale, Fear, Inc. tells the story of a slacker horror junkie Joe Foster (Raising Hope’s Lucas Neff), who lives in his girlfriends fabulous Hollywood Hills mansion. After taking his girlfriend (Cailtin Stasey) to a huanted house on date night, he openly complains the haunt was lack luster. A man approaches with a business card that reads “Fear, Inc.” and tells him to call for custom scares. That Halloween, his old friends come and join the couple at the home when Joe decides to call Fear, Inc. even after his friend told him that they are a dangerous  group of people. Before they know it, the group is being stalked by masked men and killed one at a time. Is this all just a game? Or does Joe need to save his friends before it’s too late?

The twists and turns in Fear, Inc. are too great to spoil from there on, but the group embark on a thrilling ride that takes Joe to his limits, until he is bound and left for dead in the middle of the desert. It’s hard to pick what to talk about first. The writing is incredible, with realistically hilarious dialogue, only trumped by Lucas Neff’s stellar performance. His wide-eyed puppy dog eyes and joyful energy brings so much humor to the film that at points it was hard to listen due to all the laughter in the theater. When the film takes a turn for the worst, his range comes through, giving an entirely different and still great performance.

No doubt what stole the whole show is Bob the neighbor, played by everybody’s favorite Richard Riehle

Fear, Inc. also stars Chris Marquette, Stephanie Drake, Mark Moses, Patrick Renna, and Abigail Breslin

Fear, Inc. is out on TODAY on VOD. We highly recommend you catch this film and share it with your friends, and if you’re brave enough, call 516-900-FEAR. Don’t worry, they’ll find you.