Review: “Hotel of the Damned” A Journey To A Cannibals Paradise

Sub-genres of horror range from monsters to slashers. One subject that rarely gets attention is Cannibals. Yes, we have Cannibal Holocaust and Green Inferno. Although those two are very similar, today we will discuss one that is different and in all the right ways. Bobby Barbacioru‘s Hotel of the Damned opens next week and it’s ready for your reservation.

Starring Peter Dobson (The Frightenersand Louis Mandylor My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Hotel of The Damned takes a unique turn on the cannibalistic creatures in a beautifully macabre  setting creating a tense flick for all. The story is as follows:

 After a car accident and stranded in the middle of nowhere, an ex-con and his daughter find themselves in an abandoned hotel, populated by sub-human cannibalistic creatures.

Penned by Luca Bercovici, director of the cult classic Ghoulies, the film tells an intense story about the rekindling of a relationship between a father and daughter. Unfortunately the location they are forced to is far from a perfect paradise, representative of their relationship growing up. The location itself is a beauty as they enter an abandoned hotel. The labyrinth of destruction is a phenomenal site to see. Cinematographer Andria Baltaretu, who also worked as a producer on the film, documented the surroundings astonishingly while allowing the intense moments to feel truly claustrophobic with no escape. The film itself was shot in Romania and the production team did not shy away from the beauty of that country.

Standouts in the cast were the best friend chemistry of Peter Dobson and Louis Mandylor as Nicky and Jimmy, the two cons who run the whole show. From the first scene of them together, which is an intense conversation, it is pretty obvious how they will act together the rest of the film. Nicky’s daughter Maria, Manuela Harabor truly brought her A-game, especially when it is much needed.

Most horror films have physically and visually awesome villains and Hotel of the Damned fits right into that sect. The makeup on the cannibals is creepy and intense. These creatures have truly been through a rough time and it shows. One creature, in particular, the girl cannibal, stands above the rest. Her creepy demeanor is felt the moment you see her on screen.

Hotel of the Damned looks and feels like a great horror film. Moments get tense, characters are deep and emotional, and the creatures are astonishing. It may not be a hotel you want to check into but it is a film to check out during these cold movie nights in. You can catch Hotel of the Damned on December 6th on VOD platforms across the board. Check out the trailer embedded below. And if you want more information, check out their Facebook