Review: ‘Horror Hotel the Movie’ Now On Prime

Review: ‘Horror Hotel the Movie’ Now On Prime

The web series Horror Hotel comes to bustling life in feature length format as Horror Hotel the Movie. The lucrative Ricky and Al Hess have brought their second season of Horror Hotel and compiled the episodes like segments in an anthology film.

Horror Hotel the Movie, is a cross between The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, featuring off-the-wall stories with tongue in cheek humor and twisty endings. As the title implies, each segment takes place within or around a motel featuring its seedy denizens.

Horror Hotel the Movie features six segments titled: Aliens Stole My BoyfriendComa Girl, Brain Robbers in Love, The Problem with Clones, Four Eyes, and Life After Men. The best of the bunch is perhaps the segment titled Brain Robbers in Love about an older woman whose only desire is to be in a younger body to match her debonair and youthful attitude. The woman steals a piece of tech that allows her to switch her brains with a young, and unsuspecting woman.

Another favorite includes the unique post-apocalyptic, and final, segment Life After Men. The final segment deals with what are referred to as “manhunters,” women bent on fully exterminating what few men are left behind after they’ve been nearly eradicated by disease. The rest of the film’s segments feature similarly structured and witty and comical stories that are entertaining as they are fun to watch.

Horror Hotel the Movie is a spirited collection of short stories that can be enjoyed by anyone, even those that can’t stomach horror films. The stories here are not bloody or dark, instead opting for a livelier Twilight Zone-esque tone that is fun and light. If this is something that might interest you, you’re in luck. Amazon Prime members can enjoy this for free through a Prime membership.

Horror Hotel is a LA Webseries Festival 2014 award winner. It has also been featured at: Atlanta Independent Film Festival, Miami Webfest2015, and Filmquest where it was nominated for Best Web Series.

For more information visit Horror Hotel‘s Official Website and Official Facebook and Twitter. Also check out their Youtube Channel and the trailer for Horror Hotel the Movie below.

Be sure to catch it on Amazon Prime.

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