REVIEW: “House of Purgatory” Knows All The Secrets

REVIEW: “House of Purgatory” Knows All The Secrets

Halloween has ended. All the haunts are putting their skeletons back in the closet until next September. How do us haunt junkies get our fix during this off season? Well from Terror Films and Watching Eye Productions comes an urban legend tale that is unlike the monster under your bed with House of Purgatory

The synopsis for this haunt based film is as follows:

Four teenagers go looking for a legendary haunted house that gives you money back for every floor you can complete. Once finding it, they realize the house is much more terrifying than a normal Halloween attraction – the house knows each of their secrets and one by one uses them against the teens.

Directed by Tyler ChristensenHouse of Purgatory is an intriguing tale with plenty of frights to host any and all haunt junkies. Once the skeleton house keeper is introduced, the film shoots off like a bat of out of hell… or into hell. The story itself catches the interest of the film viewer when unlike your normal haunted halloween attraction, there is no line. The establishment is advertised as five floors but only a tiny shack welcomes the unsuspecting haunt goers. From the first room, it is quite obvious this will not be your normal haunt experience. Call it extreme, supernatural, or a delusion, but easy and not scary are two terms to be left out of this maze.  House of Purgatory challenges the characters and hooks the audience along for the ride.

When dealing with such an abstract concept of an urban legend haunted house, it can be easy to lose believability. Director Christensen and crew built an incredibly creepy world. Utilizing lighting, atmosphere, and props to their fullest potential, each new room feels like it could be your own personal hell. The beauty of the outdoor section with the pumpkins hanging in the trees will be a favorite amongst horror lovers. As someone who loves haunts, getting lost in an area like that would be a dream come true.

Another shining star in this legend of fear is the music by Patrick Giraudi and Kurt Oldman. Together they create a perfect blend of atmospheric and horror tones to set the mood for each individual scenario. Drawing the audience in with each beat is a tough task to accomplish, but the duo ensures if you look away for a moment their music will bring you right back to the screen.

For those feeling the Halloween blues, House of Purgatory satisfies the craving for those intense fears felt during a haunt. Blending beautiful set design with an incredibly fascinating story, House of Purgatory will be a Halloween and anytime favorite for years to come. Providing a chilling atmosphere and a tale that hits hard, this is a can’t miss film for haunt and Halloween lovers.

You can catch House of Purgatory on all VoD platforms currently. Follow their social media outlets to catch all the latest news on the DVD and Blu-ray releases if that is your bag. Remember “secrets secrets are no fun, your secrets here will come undone.” Enter if you dare!