Eerie “Sandman” Comes Online On Halloween

Horror films are the stuff of nightmares. Monsters that creep in the night, jolting us from sleep. We shoot up in bed, swearing we heard something or saw something, yet it’s quiet all around us. The short film from Superfreak Media deals with a nightmare and this very sense of dread with Sandman

The film opens on a young woman in bed, having stirred awake at 3:33am. She sits up, unable to get back to sleep right away. As she moves around her room, she hears a scream and glass shatter from outside. She moves to her bedroom window and looks at the quiet, suburban street below her. All is peaceful. But, she sees a white, seemingly faceless figure on the sidewalk. And this figure notices her. In a moment, the figure bounds towards her building. What follows is nothing short of a terrifying nightmare.

Sandman accomplishes an impressive feat: the film establishes an eerie atmosphere right from the beginning. The audience is firmly kept at the edge of their seats, watching this young woman experience a nightmare and be at the behest of this monstrous figure. The direction and cinematography does a fine job of creating a suspenseful tone, while moving around this young woman’s bedroom with fluidity, as well as composing character-driven shots. The shot selection, in addition, brings the terror and only bolsters the horror narrative. There is one shot in particular that made me jump in my seat…

At times, the main character seems to take inorganic action when confronted with this horrific event, which could take the audience out of the story while they compare what they would do in a similar situation.  However, the film establishes suspense from the top, while delivering on those scares and remaining in the protagonist’s point of view, therefore making it even scarier.

All in all, Sandman is a scary little short, which will be a satisfying watch for any horror fan.

Sandman will be released online on October 31st, Halloween night, at 7pm (GMT).

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