‘Jet Set LA,’ Bloody Subletting Cautionary Tale

The bloody horror/thriller Jet Set LA is making its World Premiere this weekend at the Burbank International Film Festival. Written and directed by Colin Lawrence the film will play on Saturday night (September 10) at 8pm. In attendance at the premiere will be writer, director, producer, and editor Colin Lawrence, as well as, star and co-producer Rachel Amanda Bryant

Besides Bryant, Jet Set LA stars Sean McBride, Tara Bopp, and Kevin Reich

The film’s official synopsis reads as follows:

“A young couple decides to stay in a bed and breakfast during their first big trip to Los Angeles, unaware that a sundry of horrors awaits them.”

In anticipation of the film’s world premiere I had a chance to check out the 10 minute short, and I have to say, Jet Set LA is one hell of a film. A deceivingly taut thriller Jet Set LA builds its tension through its character’s unfamiliarity and awkwardness with each other. As we await for the dark secret to unfold, which we know is lurking within the home, we get the sense that there is something off with our hosts. The film builds up tension piecemeal, despite a dinner full of polite smiles, while the young couple enjoy the company of the owners of the property. With heightened suspicions, and a series of strange quips and actions by the hosts, a full and eerie image begins to unfold. Once we know what’s going on it’s entirely too late to take anything back in what will lead to a bloody finale. Jet Set LA is a shocking and surprisingly suspenseful short film that conceals its horrific secret within domesticity, serving as a cautionary tale on subletting, infused with distrust and paranoia.

For tickets to Genre Shorts 5, the bill which Jet Set LA will play at Burbank International Film Festival, visit: www.itsmyseat.com/events/270687.html

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