Review: “Among The Shadows” From Seraph Films Eyes The Macabre

Ariel has just landed the Vice Presidency of her company. She is a hard working business woman with a plan until she is visited by a shadow-like figure from her childhood nightmares. Now, she must fight for her life or remain in the darkness forever. Ariel (Raquel Houghton) begins to unravel the mysteries of the shadow man with a little help from her BFF (Samantha Rund) and a creepy occult bookstore owner (Louis Deseran). Among the Shadows is another fright-filled tale directed by WAIH Featured FearMaker Gene Blalock.

Among the Shadows is from the indie horror studio Seraph Films. The film centers on a shadow-like figure that torments a young Ariel and later returns to finish the job. It’s got an almost Nightmare on Elm Street(Wes Craven) feel if Freddy was the strong silent type. The shots are well planned and executed, using lighting to create both dark and vivid scenes. The figure is the hallmark of this film, drawing on an almost cowboy/western like appearance with red glowing eyes. Although the figure never speaks a word, his body language is perfectly performed giving the viewer a clear sense of intention. Seraph Films is excellent at making a small budget look giant. They take simple horror devices and turn them into perfectly rounded, beautifully shot, and scary as hell films.

Gene is a brilliant storyteller with an eye for the macabre. The 35-minute film has won accolades from several festivals, boasting a Best Cinematography and Best Director Awards to name a few. The film is written by Gene Blalock and Andria Chamberlin and stars Raquel HoughtonSamantha RundLouis DeseranLyle Kanouse, and Andrew Varenhorst as the Shadow Man. Among the Shadows is available on the Seraph Films Official YouTube channel or can be viewed down below.