Terrifying Aliens In Space in “Dédalo” From Portugal Now Streaming Online!

There’s no doubt that an alien invasion is perhaps one of the scariest things that could happen. What about an invasion in space? That is the premise of the Portuguese sci-fi / horror short film from Jerónimo Rocha and Take It Easy Production Company, Dédalo.

In a dystopian future, a small team is hired to repair the refinery of a colossal space cargo vessel before it arrives at its destination. Trapped inside the Space Freighter/Refinery Dédalo, Siena (Sofia Helena) tries to survive an infestation of diabolic creatures.

The short film stars Sofia Helena, Frederico Amaral, and Cesário Monteiro in this chilling saga following a young girl escaping the man eating creature from another world. Everything about Dédalo was spot on. The cast was excellent, Helena carried the project well, watching her last line of defense against the intruding beasts is intense, and her facial reactions are enough to tell her story without any dialogue.

On a more technical standpoint, the camera and lighting were each stellar. The continuously flashing lighting gives a claustrophobic sensation, but there is just enough steady lighting to ease away any discomfort. The camera was constantly in the right place, adding tension with a few extreme close-ups, and even an homage to Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise.

Dédalo was produced by Frederico Serra and Take It Easy Productions. Creating a story in a short film can be interesting, especially when in much like Dédalo, the story clearly extends beyond what is shown in the film. A large part about making a short is figuring out what part of the story to tell. This small window into an extremely intense and ongoing situation gives the audience exactly what it wants without any non-essential story. A girl wanders through a spaceship, we get it. We do not need anything else, it’s all in the short. Dédalo picks up right where the story needs to be and combining the timing of the story with the incredible talent, lighting, camera, and creature work, this short film is pretty close to perfect.

After screening at over thirty festivals, and screening across Portuguese television, Dédalo is currently available online, and you can watch it below! Word on the street is the short is being developed into an expanded universe, including a feature film and TV mini-series. The project is currently int he development stages, but good things come to those who wait, and we are patient.