Adam Green’s Halloween Short Will Have You In Stitches

Horror icon is a strong term to use within this genre. In the days of Carpenter and Craven, that term was not thrown around for modern filmmakers, but when looked back upon they top the bill. When modern filmmakers are thrown into the hat, not many names stand out yet. But Adam Green is slowly and surely becoming a modern day horror icon. Ariescope Pictures, Adam’s company, have been creating original and timeless horror since 1988. If you are a stranger to Adam’s work let us inform you that his versatility within the genre extends past someone who likes horror movies and dives right into obsession (but in the best way possible). The wide range of sub-genres he tackles through his films are prime examples of his creativity and originality, especially when examining the differences and similarities between his films HatchetFrozen and his segment The Diary of Anne-Frankenstein from the anthology Chillerama

Feature films are not all that Adam Green creates. As said before, he is obsessed with the genre and loves it for everything it brings to the audience. To exercise his creativity and passion when he is notmaking a feature, Adam will create short films for himself and his friends. And for the last 17 years, Adam Green and crew have released a new short for the Halloween season. This years entry will have you laughing so hard you forget it is horror. Check out the short below.

Derek Mears (Friday The 13th (2009) ), Kelly Vrooman (The Chica Show), and Colton Dunn (Key & Peele) star as monsters who feed on sleeping children. However, once the kid hides under his sheets, he is safe of course. So the question lies what do the monsters do while they wait? Watch to find out.

As for Adam, be on the lookout for for his latest projects by following Ariescope Pictures