Since the dawn of We Are Indie Horror, there has been one man who has stood behind us for support and lead us through battles of all the challenges. This man was one of the first ever Featured Fear Makers. He was the first victim on It Came From Candi’s Lab. He is one of the busiest names in Independent Horror. We are of course talking about the Seraphim himself; Gene Blalock.

For those in the dark, Gene Blalock, is an award winning Los Angeles based director. He is best known for his touching, heart-warming films as much as his eccentric short horror vignettes. Each one of his shorts always contains a unique voice and decidedly human perspective. As all good horror should, Gene’s works reflect our common humanity back, as if from a mirror of compassion, for us to examine and consider. No matter which genre Gene tackles his work will always leave the audience guessing and thinking in the best possible way. Gene creates horror stories under the tight nit and friendly company Seraph Films.

From Gene himself about his love and dedication to Seraph Films:

Seraph Films is a creative, dynamic independent film production company, driven by our passion for original, meaningful, and frequently quirky films. Located in Los Angeles, the heart of the movie and entertainment industry, Seraph Films strives to make unique film and media while pursuing our love of story-telling and film-making creativity.

Last year Gene and Seraph Films saw the release of one of their first ever shot shorts, although they have been doing this for years with a number of shorts under their belt. Sometimes films just sit on the shelf and it takes a while to get out there. At the second annual El Cid Short Horror Film Night, Unlucky Girl was finally unleashed on the world. This comedic horror short has been around and screened at many different events, winning awards across the board. At the Tabloid Witch Awards it won Best Comedic Horror Short, Best Actress for Tara Strand, and Best Make-Up Effects for Chris Baer.

Immediately following the release of Unlucky Girl, came another short. Among The Shadowspremiered last year at the Chinese theater. Among The Shadows have carried Seraph films into this year as they prepare to release two new shorts in the coming weeks. The most recent screening for Among The Shadows was for a ruckus crowd who loves horror at the Halloween Convention ScareLA. The film has gone on to win a number of awards. Being nominated for five categories in the International Movie Awards which are held in Indonesia, they went home with five awards; Best Sound Design, Best Editor, Best Cinematographer, Best Director, and Best International Short Film. Congratulations!

Gene Blalock and Seraph Films look for a repeat year with two releases back to back again. The first release is the short incredibly dark comedy The Betwixt Killer. In the vein of David Lynch, this short will premiere at the Third Annual El Cid Short Horror Film Night on October 28, 2015. If you want more details on the event; check out the LINK HEREThe Betwixt Killer will premiere next to many other short films that will also be having their world premiere on that same night. Stay tuned to We Are Indie Horror for full release information and where to catch this short for future dates.

Just like in 2014, the very following night Seraph Films will be screening another world premiere short titled The Shadow Guide. As a successful crowd funding campaign, this short is a teaser film, which means there is a feature film in the works. Starring Molly Jackson, Leslie McKeller, Raquel Houghton, and Jonathan Ericsson EisleyThe Shadow Guide  is sure to not disappoint and capture the vibe of all their films into one. On October 29, 2015 The Shadow Guide will be holding a red carpet premiere at the TCL Chinese Theaters. For more information on the event; Check it out HERE

When it comes to storytelling, Gene likes to tackle different genres and challenge himself outside of Horror. To Kristen With Love is an emotional tale about breakups and how hard it can be to get over someone. Currently the film is screening at various international film festivals with the latest coming in January. To Kristen With Love will be screened at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema in January

Making movies is not all Gene does. Last year he started what will now become a yearly tradition called Scary Christmas. It is a Halloween themed Christmas party for independent horror fans and creators. Last year’s party was so successful, causing this years to be bigger and better. Partnering with Nvisonate Studios, 3Cubed Studios, and We Are Indie HorrorScary Christmas 2015 will bring a winter terror land to life. On December 19, the brand new studio space for Nvisonate will be transformed into the biggest horror themed Christmas party this side of the Mississippi. Head over HERE for all event details and be on the lookout for an official invite from your host of the night Candi Fear.

This week’s community check-in threw a lot of information at you and that is great. Gene Blalock is an incredibly busy, creative, and vision filled artist who is in constant need to create. With each passing year he gains more experience and more talent. He has put together a crew of incredible workers and continues to expand. For all things Seraph Films be sure to head to their WEBSITE and sign up for their mailing list. While you are over there, be sure to check out all the shorts they have to offer, especially if you are looking for your own custom anthology night. Below you can see the teaser trailer for the teaser film of The Shadow Guide as well as the award winning short Unlucky Girl. Also be sure to stay tuned to We Are Indie Horror for any updates regarding Seraph Films and Gene Blalock.