“CrossRoads Escape Games” Hit A Roadblock

A few weeks back, we brought you a unique kind of FearMaker with Madison Rhoades. Entertainment, especially horror based entertainment, is evolving quicker now than ever before. People want to experience horror films for real. And Madison wants to put YOU inside of a horror film in CrossRoads Escape Games Hex Room

Unlike other independent art ventures, roadblocks occur causing unwanted stress; mentally and financially. CrossRoads Escape Games initially planned to open in mid September to be fully functional and work out the kinks by October. Unfortunately the universe had other plans. They planned an opening for mid October and were so sure it was going to happen. Again unfortunately this time the city had other plans. They have been given difficulty by the city for specific permits because it is an escape game that locks you in a room? Anyone who has dealt with permits for anything can tell you arguing your way out of these circumstances proves to be time consuming, exhausting, and usually losing.

To run an escape game cost loads of money before you even have one customer walk through the door. Paying for props and paint usually is worked into the budget. But when you plan on opening in September, rent and utility bills are not planned without profit.

To keep this dream alive Madison and her husband have re-launched their GoFundMe campaign. They have depleted most of the funds set aside to run such an incredible adventure and are in need of our help. Madison writes in the GoFundMe update:

Please spread the word about our amazing interactive adventure and donate if you can. We are determined to bring you the wildest time of your life and we won’t go down without a fight!

Listen to the lady and do what you can to help. It is a brilliant idea and Madison’s talent of creating scenic art that really immerses the audience in the story is amazing. If you have been to Dark Harbor or any horror convention in the southern California area in the past few months you could see this talent and creativity on display.

We Are Indie Horror is here to help and get the word out, so please do the same. Share this article across the world and maybe the right person will see this to bring what is sure to be one of the most unique and fresh takes on an escape game to date. Fingers are crossed hoping that CrossRoads Escape Games: Hex Room opens sooner rather than later or never!