“Dark Detour: Season 2 All That Glitters” – Real Time Multi Platform Story

“Dark Detour: Season 2 All That Glitters” – Real Time Multi Platform Story

The premise presented for this style of project goes as follows: A real-time, multi-platform horror story for Halloween, in which you can become part of the story.

Dark Detour: Season 2 All That Glitters is currently running an Indiegogo campaign for their newest season. This project sounds incredibly interesting, as it spans across most of social media. Dark Detour Season 2:All That Glitters is a Free-to-Play Halloween horror story told in real-time through social media and more. Happening in the days leading up to Halloween night (Oct. 28-31), you’ll virtually travel in real-time with our hapless victims as they descend deeper and deeper into a place from which there seems no escape.

Brought to you by Steve Peters (No Mimes Media), Alison Norrington (storycentral), and Jenni Powell Discourse Productions) and Nick Tierce, Dark Detour is becoming an annual passion project for them.

The way this works is you friend on Facebook and other social media platforms the two main characters when they are announced and you follow them through out their journey as the story unfolds in real time. If you are someone who wants to dig deeper into the story, be on the lookout for other websites and other people to friend and follow.

Dark Detour has already raised their fundraising goal, but they are now trying to hit their stretch goals. With each stretch goal reached they add on a celebrity creative producer to add their touch to it. For more information check out the indiegogo HERE and be sure to show your support.

For more information or you want updates on when the story starts follow them on Facebook