Jon’s Haunts: Haunted Overload

Our featured FearMaker for the week, Jon Schnitzer, is an expert in haunts. His upcoming film Haunters: The Movie explores the ins and outs and the drama of all things haunted events. We Are Indie Horror asked Jon to give us his five favorite haunts and like most other creative types, he was not able to give us just 5; Jon gave us 7. Throughout the week we will explore these haunts and explain why he loves it and where you can find it.

First up Jon delivers to us Haunted Overload in New Hampshire. One of the most creative and unique attractions in the United States is located on DeMeritt Hill Farm in Lee, New Hampshire. Year after year it is voted as one of the top attractions and featured all over the news and now in Jon’s Haunters

Eric Lowther, the creator of Haunted Overload builds props standing four stories tall in the backwoods next to an apple orchard. Eric not only thought this attraction up but is responsible for creating most of the monsters and sets.   Eric’s mission is to truly capture the spirit of Halloween by focusing on quality at an affordable price. Jon says:

You feel overwhelmed by the massive structures and creatures that you forget they also have some of the best scare actors in the country ready to chase after you.”

Nowhere else in the country can you see huge monsters standing as tall as 34 feet looming over the crowd. The backdrop creates the perfect atmosphere through its authentic farm location lit by hundreds of pumpkins and Hollywood like movie sets.

Every year the haunt changes and expands giving all the fans a unique experience and something new every time they go. The haunt has three different experiences offered. The first is for the chickens, which hopefully are none of you; Day Haunt. The Day Haunt version of the experience allows patrons to meander through the trail with no monsters. It allows guests to see the props and sets without scares. Perfect for young children and the scaredy-cats. Fright Night Light allows patrons to experience the trail with all the lighting and sound effects but with no monsters. The full experience is called Haunted Overload. A fully immersive Halloween experience that features all the stunning sets, handmade props, and spectacular costumes. The website mentions: Not Recommended For Small Children.

For the whole incredibly scary and detailed back story to the excursion check out their website. If you are in the area be sure to check out dates and tickets.

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