“Scary Endings” Short Film Series Leaves You With Nightmares

“Scary Endings” Short Film Series Leaves You With Nightmares

A new YouTube series has launched in the format of a short film every month. Scary Endings just released their third episode titled The Babysitter and The Boogeyman. Any fans of anything scary will certainly enjoy this dark and tense addition to the short film realm.

Scary Endings latest installment stars Adrienne Smith who is given a stern warning from the child she is babysitting and learns on her way home that the child may not be wrong.

This new web series releases a new short film every month in the form of something scary to leave you terrified to go to sleep. They are gearing up for what we are told is an epic Halloween episode.

This series is brought to you to you by the filmmakers behind the intense short film Skypmare;which we will be featuring in a few weeks. In the meantime check out this awesome new YouTube series and be sure to give them a like and a follow to be up to date on everything Scary Endings.

Check out the episode below and always be sure to…