Tea Time of Terror Review: Episode 11 Devanny Pinn & Erin Marie Hogan

This has been a good week for our podcast Tea Time of Terror. We have gone out and purchased the dot com website, so now all you have to do is go to www.teatimeofterror.com for all of your indie horror podcasting goodness. Along with this new addition, we will start having these nifty articles go out before each episode so you are well aware of what to expect on the newest episode. This is an ever growing and ever changing entity, and so far it has been a wonderful journey.

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Early tomorrow morning marks the release of the next episode of the official podcast for We Are Indie HorrorTea Time of Terror. In this week’s installment, Brian and Neil sit down with scream queens Devanny Pinn and Erin Marie Hogan. These two ladies are starring in the upcoming feature film Dwelling, as well as House of Manson, which is currently available in the UK, with a release in the US coming soon.

ymYz1Et3BbwypWF52EO5reRxJY1Devanny and Erin work together often, working as an acting duo as well as a two woman production crew. Their continuous hard work and innovative ideas constantly keep them preoccupied, which makes it even greater that they managed to secure some time to come out to our podcast. On the show they discuss their upcoming films, as well as reveal a couple new projects in the works. As a matter of fact, Devanny and Erin break TWO exclusives on the show, of which we can’t say quite yet. Trust us, they’re pretty cool!

This was a great podcast to record, everybody was having a great time and it really comes across in the show. If you’d like to follow Devanny and Erin, or their many projects, use the links below. And don’t forget to listen in tomorrow and leave us a comment on iTunes or any listening platform, we love hearing your comments and ideas!