The Soska Sisters Shoot Their Latest Film Next Week

The Soska Sisters Shoot Their Latest Film Next Week

Quite possibly one of the most beloved and most disturbing siblings in horror would have to be Silvia and Jen Soska, aka The Soska Sisters. Fresh off their new horror gameshow for GSN Hellevator they are gearing up to shoot their next feature film, Puppet Killer Written by Kevin Mosely (Suspension) and The Soska Sisters, the film will be directed by Lisa Ovies. A former Second City student, Lisa has spent the last twelve years working as an award winning writer, producer, director, and actor. Puppet Killer will mark her first feature film as a director.

The film will tell the following story:

Years after the mysterious disappearance of his stepmother, Jamie and his friends return to his family’s cabin that holds a very dark secret for a Christmas getaway, but the holidays always have a way of letting these things out. Convinced that his childhood puppet is a magically animated killer, will Jamie be able to save his friends from a blood body count, or is he the one who is actually crazy?

The film has been a project that Ovies has been working on for quite a while. “It has been almost two years since I came up with this idea, and I can’t explain the joy I feel watching it come to life. I created my production company because I was tired of waiting around hoping for opportunities and ready to start kicking down doors. 5 years later I am making my dream film with the strongest cast I have ever been honoured to work with,” says Lisa


We’ve said this numerous time, but there aren’t very many female filmmakers in horror. Now we aren’t saying there aren’t any, this week’s Featured Fear Maker is a woman and making some great films. That said, there is definitely a discourse in the field, something which the Soskas feel they need to tackle. “We see a lot of people talking about the severe gender misrepresentation behind the camera in the film world, but we don’t often see people doing something to change that. Ten years ago we took our first steps with our debut feature film, and diversity representation remains a struggle in the industry. I believe in Lisa Ovies, I love her project, I want to see it made, and I am going to be a part of making that happen. I’m not just going to talk about diversity; I’m going to do something about it,” says Sylvia Soska, President of Twisted Twins Productions

Puppet Killer goes into production in Vancouver on December 18th. We will keep you updated on this project, as it has promises of great surprises for horror fans. Follow all the social media links below for immediate updates. Also if you are unfamiliar with the incredibly talented sibling duo, check out their reel below!