Goriest and Strangest Trailer of the Year Goes to “KODOKU: MEATBALL MACHINE”

Goriest and Strangest Trailer of the Year Goes to “KODOKU: MEATBALL MACHINE”

The Japanese have a knack for filmmaking, especially within the horror genre. Be it ghost films a la Ringu or ridiculous splatterfests such as Tokyo Gore Police, they always seem to scare and disgust in ways not thought imaginable. From the creator of the latter Tokyo Gore Police comes a sequel in which it doesn’t seem the original matters too much. Kodoku: Meatball Machine presents an insane and hyper-violent feature in their latest trailer. Before we talk more about it, watch it below. Forewarning: This is Not Safe For Work!

Along with the trailer we have the new poster for you which you can see below.

Writer, Director, Editor, and Special FX Creator Yoshihiro Nishimura is at it again. His crazy antics in filmmaking are put on display with  the sequel to 2005’s Yudai Yamaguchi and Jun’ichi Yamamoto’s Meatball MachineNishimura provided the effects for the original film. Kodoku is a twisted story that melds cyberpunk sci-fi, fantasy, extreme gore, and comedy. Other previous credits of Nishimurainclude Helldriver, The ABC’s of Death, and recent festival favorite Ninja War of Torakage.

There is no real synopsis as of yet. The only information is who is involved. The film stars Eihi Shiina(AUDITION), Takumi Saitô (13 ASSASSINS), Ami Tomite (TAG), Maki Mizui (TOKYO GORE POLICE), and Yôji Tanaka (KILL BILL VOL. 1).

Produced by Nishi-Eizo alongside King Records and Ark Entertainment Inc., Kodoku: Meatball Machine will be hitting sometime in 2017 and we cannot wait. For more information be sure to follow Yoshiro Nishimura on TWITTER.