Official Teaser Launches For Indie Creature Feature “THE RAKING”

Indie Creature Feature The Raking has wrapped and is ready for the world to, STAY IN THE LIGHT. Along with the news of the wrap, Lesson 1 entertainment has released its first official teaser, which features a glimpse of The Rake in action.

The teaser features all the ingredients of a fine horror pie: blood, practical effects, and a solid concept. The Rake is a feral, human-like creature, that has long fingers, adorned by some razor sharp nails – resembling that of a, RAKE (the more you know). These horror eyes are jonesing for some creature feature carnage — which was created by SyFy’sFace Off Season 4 contestant, Eric Fox — and the teaser brings promise of that.

As a score hound, I myself am particularly fond of the 80’s, synth-induced, riffs that follow this throwback film through. Kudos to the gang for creating a solid teaser, ahead of what is shaping up to be a solid year for indie horror.

Below is a press release which will give you more insight into the synopsis for The Raking, as well as some details on the cast and crew behind this amazing indie horror flick.From the Press



LOS ANGELES, CA (MAY 22, 2016) – Los Angeles production company Lesson 1 Entertainment is proud to announce the completion of post-production on The Raking, an independent feature horror film starring Bryan Brewer, Cree Kelly, Allie Rivera, Thatcher Robinson, Marisa Davila and Marshal Hilton (The Bunnyman Massacre). Directed by star Brewer from a script he co-wrote with writer and producer Laura Heine, Brewer also produces with Rivera under their Lesson 1 Entertainment banner.

The Raking has the following synopsis:

 “A group of college students set out to debunk an urban legend in Joshua Tree, California, for their anthropology thesis, only to find that they become part of the legend themselves.”

Director and co-writer Brewer says of his approach to the micro-budget The Raking:

We wanted to tackle the challenge of a satisfying, cinematic horror film on a budget without relying on the found footage genre. As a huge horror fan myself, I’m hopeful we were successful in delivering a really cool creature-feature that will be welcomed by all audiences, and especially the genre fans.” Says Rivera, “We are excited to announce the film’s completion and to release the first teaser trailer of The Raking. We hope monster fans will dig it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Designed by SyFy’s Face/Off season 4 contestant Eric Fox of MORBX FX, the artist says of his approach in creating the titular creature (which is based on the urban legend of The Rake), “It was all practical, and I wanted to deliver something we’ve never seen before in the genre. Also, there’s really very little information that exists on the legend itself, so that allowed me creative license in my design, and once it was on set, I think creature actor Alan Maxson really brought the result to creepy life.”

Worldwide distribution rights for The Raking are currently available.

Along with the teaser, featured above, check out the official poster below. For more information on The Raking, be sure to follow at the social media outlets.