‘Monsters in the Woods’ Returns as a Director’s Cut

Just in time for the Halloween season, 2012’s Monsters in the Woods, is getting an all new makeover. This time, Monsters in the Woods is creeping into the 2016 year with an ultimate rendition of its predecessor. From writer and director Jason Horton, Monsters in the Woods returns as a brand new and shiny Director’s Cut.

Released by Gas Money Picture, Monsters in the Woods will feature never-before-seen footage in a re-edited cut . As of this writing, the film is now available on Amazon InstantVideo. Although there is no DVD or Bluray release of the film yet, Monsters in the Woods is slated to hit physical formats sometime in 2017.

Monsters in the Woods stars Glenn Plummer, Lee Perkins, Curt Mega, and Linda Bella. The official film synopsis reads as follows:

“A low-budget film crew treks deep into the wilderness to shoot horror sequences for their unsellable indie-drama. They soon find themselves in the midst of their own horror show as they are hunted down by real monsters.”

If you’ve seen the 2012 cut then you know what to expect. However, writer and director Jason Horton aims to improve his last outing with the film and had this to say about the re-release: “it’ll never be 100% the movie I set out to make, but this is the closest to that we’ll ever see.”

Check out the brand new trailer for Director’s Cut: Monsters in the Woods below. The trailer boasts a grindhouse look with blood and guts to match, and despite its low budget look the film looks rather impressive. Fans of creature features are sure to enjoy this one. Check it out on Amazon Instant Video, available as of TODAY. Check out stills from the film, below.

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