Ronald McDonald Has Himself Some Kid’s Meals In New Viral Video

Viral videos are so imperative to today’s world, especially the horror genre. 20 years ago, if you were to tell someone that a video gets posted on the internet and somehow ends up being huge by word of mouth, most would call you ridiculous. Here we are in the year 2015 and viral videos are all the rage. Not a week goes by where someone throws a link on our desk and says watch this. Usually they are pretty decent. But one this week takes the cake. A friend of We Are Indie Horror asked “Have you watched this yet?” and sent over a link to Ronald McDonald Playground Slaughter by YouTube effects specialists Danny & Michael Philippou; a.k.a. The RackaRacka.  Earlier this month, the brother team won Best International YouTube Channel at the Streamy Awards.

Last month the “Wannabe Filmmakers on a Rampage” as they like to put it, released Real Life Mortal Kombat Fatalities and have gained over 8.86 million views. Their latest in gorey special effects is on it’s way to a million views in under 3 days which puts them at hitting around the same or even more than their Mortal Kombat video. Through their Facebook page and YouTube page; it seems as if you can get in contact with them pretty easily so if you need some bloody special effects taken care of; hit these guys up. Otherwise support them. Follow their Facebook. Subscribe to their YouTube. And of course, if you have not watched this child slaughter by a beloved fast food icon, do your self a favor and watch this 5 minute short below now.

WARNING: There are copious amounts of blood and children being murdered. If that isn’t your scene, you may be on the wrong page!