Watch Your Junk! Knob Goblins Are Loose

Watch Your Junk! Knob Goblins Are Loose

That’s right, gentlemen keep an eye between your legs, you never know whats coming to get you. Award winning writer and director Christopher G Moore’s short film Knob Goblins takes aim at the low hanging fruit of our loins. Starring Tom Gore, Jaysen Buterin, Christohper Hauldsworth, Michael Ray Williams, and Yale Giffin, this seven minute short film is enough to keep those pants on tight.


Knob Goblins stars Michael Williams (Between Hell and a Hard Place, 400 Ways to Kill a Vampire) as R.J., a young man who was committed to a mental institution after the violent death of his younger brother. He believes he was murdered by a creature known as the “Knob Goblin.” Many years later, he returns to the scene of the crime as his last bit of therapy before his psychiatrist, Dr. Blair (Yale Giffin), releases him into the real world.

There are few films with a name that jumps out and demands attention, and Knob Goblinsdefinitely fits the bill. Based on the name alone, the short film may seem to have a raunchy, B-movie feel complete with low budget effects and over the top acting but this is not the case for Knob Goblins. The film is well shot and comes with with an actual practical knob goblin. One of which could have been made by the legendary Tom Savini himself.

The only thing We Are Indie Horror could want is more film. It seems as though they are setting up for an awesome follow-up to Knob Goblins, but we have no information on that front as of yet. Hopefully there will be a longer version or feature soon. There is so much opportunity here and with the right team, which appears to have already assembled, this could be the next big picture in the B-horror sub-genre. This is a great way to spend seven minutes, and it’d be an even greater 15-20 minutes. In any case, watch the  Knob Goblins teaser below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Since October of last year, Knob Goblins has been traveling the festival circuit where it has screen at top notch events like the NYC Horror Film Festival and Spooky Movie Independent Horror Film Festival. So far it has been selected in lucky number 13 different film festivals. The latest screenings will be in February at Days of The Dead Atlanta and the Nevermore Film Festival in Durham, NC. Be sure to stay tuned to We Are Indie Horror for any and all updates to Knob Goblins.