Halloween Short Horror Film Night To Premiere Many Shorts

Halloween Short Horror Film Night To Premiere Many Shorts

As Halloween approaches, horror filmmakers all over are previewing and premiering their films. Shorts and features from all around the world find this time of year perfect to share their scares. One event in particular is a mecca for indie horror community and We Are Indie Horror has deep rooted past in this event.

Two years ago iNK Films, Neil King and Brian Sapir’s production company, premiered their “high horror art” short film titled A Shadow Fell (Watch HERE). At that event Neil and Brian came up with the idea for We Are Indie Horror. A few months later, it all began. As the next year’s Halloween Short Horror Film Night approached, Seraph Films asked WAIH to help produce the event, leading to Candi Fear hosting the evening and a costume contest as well as the biggest turn out in the events history. Due to the incredible overwhelming support from fans, this year’s event had to be split into two blocks to allow for a larger crowd.

The 4th annual Halloween Horror short film night is upon us and here are some of the films that you can catch at El Cid tonight, October 26th, 2016.

The first block which begins at 8PM will feature some good friends of We Are Indie Horror


Brian Gerson & Joeseph R. Davis (PROco PROduction coMPANY)

An infection spreads among a group of friends that turns them into violent killers.


Ryan Shovey

When a slacker, gamer dude gets a new mirror installed in his room, he’s thrust into a hellish journey with horrific results.

A Knock At The Door (LA Premiere)

Kelley Mack

Moments after a bloodcurdling scream disrupts Nick’s normally peaceful neighborhood, a frantic knocking at his door triggers events that unknowingly alter his fate forever. Winner of The Jury Choice award at Atlanta Horror Film Festival.

A Model Family

Jonathan Maurer

You are cordially invited to the home of a picture perfect family.

Teen Slasher Music Video Parody

Zoran Gvojic

A teenage Jason Voorhees and his pal Freddy Krueger, who attend Wes Craven’s Slasher High School, try to get Jason hooked up with the school beauty. With cameos from Jigsaw, Candyman, Leatherface, Pinhead, Leprechaun, and a whole slew of other familiar faces, you are sure to love this teen slasher romantic high school comedy music video for Chicago Band: Common Shiner.

The Basement

Things by People

A serial killer has trapped his victim in the basement and starts to compose his masterpiece of torture.

The 10PM block will host Seraph Films and iNK Films latest in a special preview screening.

Indictment (Special Preview)

Gene Blalock (Seraph Films)

An African American man wakes in a jail cell with no memory of the night before and is shocked to hear that the officer holding him is accusing him of murdering another cop.

Mark Upon The Flesh (Special Preview)

Neil King (We Are Indie Horror and iNK Films)

James, a devout person of faith, in the wake of a painful break-up questions his faith causing an impulsive decision to get a Tattoo, which leads him down a path of temptation with horrific consequences.


Matty Castano

An innocent first date turns into a night of vengeance when the couple decides to play a Ouija board.

Jet Set L.A.

Colin Lawrence & Rachel Amanda Bryant

A young couple stays at a modern Bed and Breakfast for the first time. The woman is not to happy about it. The boyfriend tries to break the ice and calm the situation. The proprietors are open for business for only one reason – to find their next meal. The owners murder the German couple staying the night, and brutally kill and skin the boyfriend while the girlfriend watches. The girlfriend is imprisoned to maintain her freshness, while the boyfriend and German’s are butchered and devoured; they are transformed into a fine stew.

I See You 

Zade Akkad

While having a quiet night in, Nicole becomes terrorized by a mysterious “friend” on Snapchat.  Although the cryptic messages may disappear, her fear will not.

5SecondFilms (Halloween Edition)


This genius collective of filmmakers have put together a special cut of their Halloween themed 5secondfilms. Seriously, these dudes are twisted. You’re gonna love it.

The event will take place at the historical El Cid (Silver Lake) 4212 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90029. Tickets are $13 at the door per block or $10 with a costume. If you purchase both blocks it will be $20. The red carpet hosted by Seraph Films and We Are Indie Horror will begin at 6:30PM. There will be raffles, prizes, and a costume contest!