New Jersey Christmas Gets Scary With Brighton Asylum “Santa Slay”

If you think Christmas time means pull out the lights and tuck away the skulls, you could not be more wrong. One haunt company in New Jersey is putting the slay back in sleigh bells with their Christmas themed haunt, Santas Slay.

Put on by the terrifying folks at Brighton Asylum, they work hard to have year round haunts and escape rooms themed for every occasion. According to the legend, the Brighton Asylum was opened in the 1940’s as a place to house the mentally unstable and psychologically damaged souls. After a slew of mysterious disappearances, the asylum was shut down in 1952. Although a full investigation was supposed to have taken place, there has never been any indication of such investigations. The doctors of the asylum were allegedly using the patients to run experiments on the deepest and darkest fears housed within their minds. Most of the ongoings in the asylum are unknown due to the lack of documents.

In 2011, the asylum re-opened its doors. This time as a haunt experience. Leading brave souls through the rooms of the patients, it is rumored their haunting energies still reside today. The Brighton Asylum is home to several haunt attractions, as well as escape games throughout the year.

The next haunt to take place at the Brighton Asylum will be held for two nights in December for Santas Slay.

Put some pep back into your step this holiday season with “Santa’s Slay”. Its everything a horror fan could want for Christmas! Take a stroll through Santa’s workshop and see lobotomized elves mindlessly packing demented toys! Evil Jack Frost, rabid reindeer, chainsaw-wielding Santa’s, and SO much more! You will even have the opportunity to get your photo taken with our zombie Santa in the traditional “mall photo” style, but with our demented twist! This is a must see event. We are going bigger and badder this season, with even more Christmas “fear”!

Chistmas needs some more blood and gore, as well as some much needed lobotomization. This haunt is just the right place to give it to you. They will be open two nights this December, the 19th and the 26th. You can purchase tickets by clocking on the link below.

If any of you attend this event, please send us your pictures so we can show them off to the world