COMMUNITY CHECK-IN: Luna Wolf of The Evil Twins

When We Are Indie Horror first introduced Luna Wolf from The Evil Twins, she was incredibly busy marketing her projects and modeling career while crowdfunding for a mini film. Today we take the time to catch up with our friend from across the Atlantic in this week’s Community Check-In.

“My career has been going from strengths to strengths” stated Luna when We Are Indie Horror asked how she is doing. Luna has been a great asset to this website, helping us promote and always supporting. Her and her Evil Twin partner Missy Poison have been tremendously busy checking out film festivals, starting their own magazine, modeling, running their own projects, and promoting all of it.

First, we go back to when we first met Luna. She had a crowd funding campaign for a mini vampire movie called The Coven. The short film hit their funding goal with 106% and have begun early pre-production stages. The Coven follows the character of Missy Poison’s vampire persona who has her rule challenged by an outsider. The project promises to be packed full of dark imagery, suspense and sexy outfits.

Next from The Evil Twins and their production company Malum Gemini comes another project down the pipeline titled PexterPexter is a web series following the life of a serial killer and how she enjoys toying with her victims in gruesome ways before killing them. So think Dexter but with a crazy psycho female serial killer instead of a cop chasing the killer. Produced by Luna and starring herself and Missy Poison, this series sure looks like it will be bloody. Check out the trailer below and then continue on all things Luna Wolf

Along with their productions, they recently published an on going magazine, SYNful Disturbia. It is the official Evil Twins publication where they update their readers with all of their upcoming projects, interviews with professionals from around the industry and focus on everything indie horror. Despite a minor setback due to a technology breakdown, they are excited to announce they are back on track for issue 3 which will be released as soon as possible so keep an eye out. The first two issues were received with incredibly positive feedback. You can check out the magazine right HERE to purchase or check out the digital form.

Next up on the chopping block for the lovely Luna Wolf is a world wide breaking news exclusive. We Are Indie Horror has heard it first and now we will share with you! Luna has been working on another web series which she calls “interesting”. She tells us that it involves some difficult scenes that require herself and the actors to learn the art of KEYSI. Although you may not know it off the bat, you are certainly more aware of it than you think. It is a martial arts style used by many in action films and stunts. The most commonly known use of the martial arts is in Batman from the Christopher Nolan series. KEYSI is a modern form of self defense which addresses many of the scenarios not taught today. It focuses on multiple attackers from all angles, shapes and sizes. Although Luna and her crew are leaving with bumps and bruises everyday they are getting through it. As for the series itself Luna has mentioned that two actors are already in place with two episodes scripted. She also would like to give a huge shout out to KEYSI London for their incredible support and help especially within the horror genre. To learn more about KEYSI click the link HERE. Although there is not a title known to the public at the time be sure to stay tuned to We Are Indie Horror as more details develop on this intriguing project.

Luna Wolf has always been a female to push the limit in the horror genre. Luna and her partner in crime Missy Poison are sending shockwaves through the UK horror community and now the world. They are a duo that you want to pay close attention to, as they are constantly working and presenting some of the best horror out there today. Together they conquer but individually they are powerful queens who demand the attention of their subjects while doing exactly what they love and thriving from it.

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As we wrap up this week’s Community Check-In, we will leave you with a direct message from Luna herself.

Let’s just say there is plenty to be looking forward to… Let’s just hope that the tea and doughnuts supply doesn’t run dry! – Luna Wolf