The Latest Scary Endings Is Here And Shows What A Trump Presidency Could Bring

The Latest Scary Endings Is Here And Shows What A Trump Presidency Could Bring

John Fitzpatrick and his Scary Endings crew are at it again for the eighth installment of their monthly horror series. Each month they write, produce, and release a short horror film ranging from light and fun to dark and twisted. In this installment, U Get What U Deserve, written by Brian Chandler, we get a look into a possible future.

During the Trump presidential era, Kagan is the victim of a terrifying home invasion – when she calls 911 for help she quickly finds the newly implemented 911 operating system does not offer help as willingly as it used to. With the intruder in the house, Kagan’s life choices could mean a long wait before help arrives…

U Get What U Deserve stars Atsuko Okatsuka (Littlerock) and Mike Estes (Ash vs Evil Dead), with voice appearances by Gates McFadden (Star Trek: The Next Generation) and Scary Endings producer and Featured FearMaker Adam J. Yeend. Produced by Brian ChandlerJessica Chandler, Ryan DillonJohn FitzpatrickSarah Fitzpatrick and Adam J. Yeend.

It’s hard to talk about this episode without spoiling too much, but it is incredibly necessary to discuss what happens in this Scary Endings, especially in this political climate here in the US. If you don’t like spoilers, scroll down and watch the episode before you go any further, you have been warned.

First and foremost, the words “President Trump” being uttered caused chills to run down the spine in a way I did not think was possible. When Kagan finds an intruder in her house and calls 911, that is when the real horrors begin. The automated 911 system seems happy to help, until she checks Kagans morality registry. The scary thing here is how possible it actually is to keep track of everything mentioned in the film. Sexual partners, animals rescued, church check-ins. it’s all frighteningly real. The concept of “need help? Tweet this” was a glimpse into a possibly accurate future depending on the results this November.

Apart from the hyper politicized symbolism, the framing of the last shot was simply wonderful. The frame closing in on Kagan and her killer brought the film back from the vastness of the future and into a small and uneasy sentiment.

Being the eighth installment, it is great to see this team still pulling through without any catastrophic meltdown from cast and crew members after working on such a demanding project. It always baffles us how they manage to make such a quality short in such a short amount of time, every time. While there is no rhyme or reason to the madness that is the Scary Endings production team, it doesn’t matter as long as they keep on pumping out quality horror every month.

There are two more episodes planned for this season of Scary Endings, and according to producer Adam J. Yeend, they will go into production this weekend. After all, there is no rest for the wicked. Once the last to episodes are completed, there will be a short break until pre production resumes for season two. Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel below for more great Scar Endings.